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Convention & Tourism Committee
To Apply for Convention & Tourism Funding

Print this application form & submit it to the Committee.

  • Neil Bhula, Chairman
  • Hank Blase, Board Member
  • Ben Bolander, Board Member
  • Warren Hardy, Board Member
  • Carol Jones, Board Member
  • Karen Haughawout, Board Member
  • Kimberly Madison, Board Member
  • Jack Whitson, Board Member
  • Neil Bhula, Board Member

The Convention and Tourism Committee is a 10-member advisory committee appointed by the Mayor and approved by the City Council. The Committee makes recommendations to the City Council on the use of the transient guest tax collected by the City. The Committee oversees the production of the City brochure, and general promotion. The Committee meets every two months, usually on the first Tuesday of the month beginning in January.

To contact the Convention and Tourism Committee, please call City Hall at (316) 744-2026, or email Neil Bhula at .

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